Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd – Terms and Conditions of Sales

  1. Pricing

All prices are quoted in GBP (Great British Pounds) ex-works/F.O.B. Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. Prices quoted are net of VAT or local taxes. All taxes applicable to products ordered shall be paid by the Buyer.

  1. Back-Order

Back-ordered items will normally be supplied with a customer’s subsequent delivery. Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd reserves the right to invoice freight costs for back-ordered items shipped as a separate consignment.

  1. Acceptance of Sale Orders

All sales orders are subject to acceptance and no orders are final until accepted by Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd at its principal place of businesses: 29 Enterprise Way, Thornton Road Industrial Estate, Pickering, YO18 7NA. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a purchase order number, if applicable. Orders must be submitted in writing by fax, post or e-mail. Telephone orders are only deemed to be accepted after a faxed or emailed copy of Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd Sales Order has been signed and returned by the Buyer. Minimum order value is £100.00 net. If the order does not meet the minimum value a £5.00 service fee will be added.

  1. Buyers Purchase Order/Conflict of Terms

In the event that The Buyer submits a purchase order with written terms which extend or conflict with the terms and conditions of sale contained herein, then such purchase order terms shall have no effect and Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. terms and conditions of sale shall prevail.

  1. Warranty

Subject to the conditions and exceptions stated in this warranty, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd guarantees the products sold by Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd to be free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods from the date of manufacture: Residential Application – one (1) year, Commercial Application – one (1) year.


With the exception of bags, filters and belts, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd will furnish a replacement part for any products deemed to fulfil the warrant conditions. Such replacement parts will be furnished through Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd to any authorised distributor without additional charge other than transportation costs or made available for collection Ex-Works Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd place of business. Parts replaced or repaired under warrant are fully guaranteed for the remainder of the original warranty period. Replacement parts that have become defective through wear or abuse are not included in this warranty. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence, abuse, or fire. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied warranties of merchantable suitability or fitness for a particular purpose.

  1. Returned Material

No product or equipment of any kind shall be returned without prior approval/agreement and specific shipping instructions from Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd.

  1. Restocking Charge

Provided the products are routinely sold by Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd and are returned in a saleable condition, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd agrees to accept back into stock items ordered. Unless otherwise agreed, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd reserves the right to apply a restocking charge of 15% on products returned as a result of Buyer error. For products of a special order nature, an additional charge may be assessed by Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. Damaged products or products not originally supplied by Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd will be accepted.

  1. Damaged Shipments of Missing Item Claims

Before signing for delivery, The Buyer should examine shipments for damage, visible signs of tampering or shortage and a notation of any discrepancy must be made on the delivery documents at the time and point of receipt of the consignment. Failure to make this notation may result in the invalidation of any subsequent claims. All claims must be logged with Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd Customer Service department immediately.


Discrepancies between invoiced descriptions of quantities and actual product received by The Buyer, resulting from an error on the part of Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd, must be made in writing with fourteen (14) working days of receipt of goods. Any such claim not presented within the time specified will be rejected and the actual delivery of invoiced descriptions or quantities will be presumed to be conclusive.

  1. Payment Terms

Subject to satisfactory trade references, payment terms to Buyers are net thirty (30) days from the invoice date. Consideration for the establishment of an open line of credit will be given subject to the receipt of the account application form duly completed and signed by The Buyer. Otherwise, payment needs to be executed prior to the despatch of any order. Delinquent invoices of portions thereof are subject to a service charge. There service charge is not an interest charge but reflects the cost to Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd of the delinquent account. The charge will not exceed 1.5% of the overdue amount per month (or the legal maximum allowable in The Buyers country) until the delinquent amount is paid. The Buyer should understand that no orders will be shipped in the event of an account being delinquent and that the account must be paid in full before credit will be restored. Overdue and delinquent account balances will be placed for collection and The Buyer will be responsible for all expenses incurred including collection fees, court costs and reasonable legal fees. In the event that The Buyer from Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd regardless of whether the amount arise out of the same transaction. Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or alter an open account credit privilege at any time.

  1.  Alteration of Terms and Conditions

No alterations or waiver of the terms contained herein shall be effective unless such authorisation or waiver is in writing signed by a duly authorised Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd company officer.

  1. Legal Interpretations

It is agreed that any questions arising from any business transaction shall be governed by The Law of England the The Law of the European Union.